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Managing employees is hard enough. After all, they are people, and people all have their idiosyncrasies. Yet, this is what makes life and your small business worth having. You are providing jobs for your employees, a service for your customers, and all while improving this world and theirs.

Yet, sitting down and scheduling employees and processing payroll are tasks you’d rather outsource. Scheduling+ is the answer to your outsourcing needs without breaking the bank and having another employee to pay. This best employee scheduling software allows you to manage employees’ time and tasks, run payroll, and give them control over their time clock, helping save you even more time, effort, and money. See for yourself how powerful our scheduling software and app can be. Sign up today for a free demo!

Best Employee Scheduling Features


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Time Clock

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Task Management

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Features Overview

As a small business owner, you are constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of the game. You spend a lot of time strategizing, planning new services or new products, and looking for efficiencies in your small business. One way you can save a lot of time is through your workforce scheduling software.

The features of our employee scheduling software are numerous. From reducing your overtime costs to streamlining your scheduling program via email and text employee schedules, the benefits Scheduling+ offers are numerous. We help small business owners spend less time scheduling, simplify their payroll process, and reduce labor costs all at the same time.

Your employees will appreciate the easy-to-use, intuitive TimeClock available as a web-based, iOS, or Android App. They’ll be able to clock in and out directly from the app, view and manage assigned tasks directly from the TimeClock, and you can receive alerts as an employee approaches overtime or a predetermined number of hours worked.

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  • Save time scheduling with an easy drag and drop interface
  • View scheduled lunches to prevent stacking
  • Stay within your labor budget
  • Reduce your overtime costs
  • Email and text employee schedules
  • Manage time-off requests
  • Schedule overnight shifts
  • Delegate tasks to employees

Time Clock

  • Timeclock available as a Web-Based, iOS, or Android App.
  • Allow Employees to Clock In/Out Directly From Their Dashboard or the Employee App.
  • Employees Can View and Manage Assigned Tasks Directly from the TimeClock
  • Limit the Ability of an Employee to Clock In X Minutes Before His/Her Shift.
  • Option to Require Job Codes on Clock In
  • Receive Alerts as Employee Approaches Overtime or a Preset Number of Hours
  • Require Photo on Clock In/Out to Deter Buddy Punching
  • Report Missed Shifts, Late Clock-Ins, Early Clock Outs, Break Times, and More.


  • Fully Integrated with the Scheduling Platform
  • Create Accurate, Error-Free Timesheets from Timeclock Data
  • Automatically Track Overtime and Paid Time Off
  • See Detail of Employee’s Scheduled Shifts Directly on Their TimeSheet
  • Review Scheduled Payroll Cost Versus Actual Payroll Cost
  • Require Manager and Employee Timesheet Approval Prior to Running Payroll
  • Lock TimeSheets After Payroll Data is Exported to Prevent Tampering
  • Export Payroll Reports for Import Into Major Payroll Providers

Task Management

  • Assign employees tasks that automatically populate for them upon login
  • View and mark completed from Time Clock
  • Both recurring as well as one-time tasks
  • Keep up to date on task status within your store(s) easily
  • Intelligent task assignment – if an employee isn’t able to perform a task, you can’t assign it
  • Ability to print task cards
  • Email employee tasks
  • Export task to PDF, CSV, and Excel

Open Shifts

Open Shifts allows your employees to self-schedule themselves while saving the manager’s time spent on considering which specific employee he wants to work the job.

Manage employee scheduling, time & attendance,
communication, and tasking all within Scheduling+.

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