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Task Management Tips: The Art of Getting Done What Needs to Be Done

Staying on top of task management is so important from a small business owner’s perspective. After all, there are certain things that you just need done — some daily and some more infrequently — in order to keep your small business running smoothly and efficiently. This can be small things like opening the mail and sorting it to much bigger things like ordering inventory when you run low. If there is a miscommunication, an employee is sick, or an employee just drops the ball, your small business could be in serious trouble — and you could be at risk of losing customers as a result.

Enter the solution: workforce management scheduling software. By being able to schedule tasks to your employees, by having your employees know exactly what is expected of them for that day, and by having a way to measure that these tasks are being completed (such as through a checklist), you’ll be able to ensure the things needed to run your business are being taken of.

Scheduling+ offers the best workforce scheduling software and app that allows for task management solutions for your small business. We’ve integrated payroll, task management, scheduling, and your time clock all in one powerful mobile workforce management software and app that will have you wondering how you managed without it! Below, we’ll offer up some tips on task management. Contact us today for a free demo of our amazing mobile employee scheduling software!


Invest in Training

Most employees like their jobs, or they would go elsewhere. The US economy is fairly robust at the moment, so employees are finding jobs that they like and sticking with them. That being said, there are often tasks that you may ask of your employees that aren’t their favorite, and if they are the only ones who can perform them, resentment may form.

In order to prevent this, Scheduling+ recommends that you make every effort to cross-train employees, so that they can share in the “burden” of having to do the not-so-fun tasks. When you utilize our workforce management scheduling software, you can program the tasks each employee is capable and trained to do, so that it won’t schedule the wrong employees. This intelligent task assignment of our mobile employee scheduling app is one of our clients’ favorites.

Regularly Review Your Assigned Tasks

It can be incredibly easy to set up your workforce management scheduling software and let it do its own thing. After all, one of the reasons you invested in this powerful employee scheduling software is so you don’t have to spend so much time on managing the details of your employees’ time. However, there is a risk when you become complacent, and in this instance, it’s that you are missing other areas that may be new and other tasks that are falling through the cracks.

For instance, if you have the same 10 tasks assigned in the same order, this sets a routine, which employees like and appreciate since it makes these tasks mindless. However, you and your employees may be missing a task that has now become a problem. For example, a machine could not be being cleaned out that is normally done once a month, a software program has gone out of date, or even a quarterly bill is missed. Scheduling+ recommends that by regularly reviewing your assigned tasks and by matching these tasks up with your list of monthly, quarterly, and even yearly tasks, you will help ensure nothing is missed.

Clarify Your Why

It’s important as a small business that everyone be on the same page with your mission and objectives. Having an overarching, stock answer, such as “we’re helping others” does not help your employees understand tasks and have a reason why you are executing them. In fact, it can be even more frustrating because employees are more likely to see this as an excuse rather than a reason.

Scheduling+ recommends that you break down your reasoning to more specific and concrete reasons for tasks and reasons for delegating these tasks to certain people if need be. For example, if there is a big presentation coming up for a VIP client and many of your employees are clamoring to be involved, you will have to explain your reasoning for selecting the ones whom you chose. Seniority, mind you, while a valid reason, often doesn’t fly with other employees. Choosing concrete reasons, such as “Susie knows this industry inside and out and can answer all of the client’s questions” is more likely to make sense to your employees.


Delegating tasks is key to small business ownership, and as your company grows, it will become even more important. Furthermore, what can happen in a business as it grows is that communication suffers because important information is lost as it is trickled down from the top. As a small business owner, you have to be keenly aware that your company does not suffer from this problem, which can lead to key employees leaving.

Scheduling+ realizes that you have a lot on your plate as a small business owner. We started our business with the mission to help make your business easier. By offering the best employee scheduling software, we are saving you valuable time, effort, and money. Through the task management side of our incredible employee scheduling app, we are helping you save even more time as you use our app to help with the delegation of key tasks to keep your business running smoothly.

Our mobile scheduling app allows for tasks to be checked off and completed, which is great for employees who no longer have to worry about that task and great for business owners who can see what has been done and what hasn’t. We offer free live demos of our app, so you can see for yourself how it can help your small business grow. Contact Scheduling+ today to get started!