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The Importance of a Clean Employee Bathroom

As a small business owner, you should never neglect the little things. With regards to your customers, you are probably great at this. For example, you take returned items without question, you remake a meal or a drink for an unsatisfied customer, or you redo a service, such as house cleaning, when a customer is not happy.

However, you should ask yourself how are you with the little things with your employees? Do you go out of your way to make their birthdays special? Do you provide coffee in the mornings and donuts at mandatory employee meetings? Do you remember to ask them how they are doing after their grandfather died? And do you provide a clean bathroom every day for your employees’ use?

Scheduling+ offers the best employee scheduling software to meet your needs. With an online time clock, your employees can clock in and out with ease, and our integrated payroll and task management system makes your life much easier. Below, we’ll go over the importance of the little things with employees, including keeping the bathroom clean. Contact us today for a free demo!


In the 21st century, most of us are very aware of the spreading of germs. In fact, it’s encouraged now not to come to work when you are sick and to wear a surgical mask when you do venture forth while contagious. The bathroom is categorically one of the filthiest places, and your employees know it. Most are diligent about washing their hands and throwing their trash where it goes. However, when it comes to cleaning them, that falls on the shoulders of the employer.

Benefits of a Clean Employee Bathroom

  • Employees have a higher morale. Studies have shown that clutter and messiness increase stress levels, which can impact your employees’ health, their work, and their work relationships.
  • Employees work harder. When your employees aren’t venting about an unclean restroom, a clogged toilet, or the fact that there’s no paper towels, their productivity increases. They are less distracted.
  • Employees enjoy coming to work. Your employees are overall more satisfied with coming to work. After all, they work in a clean work environment that helps to prevent the spread of illnesses. This leads to a decrease in sick days overall.
  • Employees are more loyal. If employees previously worked at a place with an unclean restroom environment, they will be less apt to leave your business when you have a clean restroom.
    Employees are more appreciative of you. A clean bathroom shows you care about your employees and their space.


Investing in keeping your employees’ bathroom clean sends a powerful message that you care about the health and well-being of your employees. Investing in an online time clock schedule app sends a powerful message that you want to make your employees’ lives easier. Plus, it makes your life easier as you can integrate payroll and task management tasks, as well as scheduling tasks. Contact us today for a free demo!